We accept Pro Tools sessions or consolidated files with zero start. Send them in whatever source format you’ve been using, do not convert the sample rate or bit depth. Make sure you record in 24 bit or higher. It’s a good practice to clean the Pro Tools sessions from hidden or unwanted tracks. And always include a monitor/rough mix! It doesn’t matter how bad it sounds, it’s only there for us to know that the files are in sync and that nothing’s missing.

If your session is a mess in deep need of editing: expect to hear from us. We can offer these services, but normally the mixing engineer won’t do this job for you.

Have you recorded your guitars and bass tracks with Di signals? We’re happy to re-amp them if needed.

Some of our engineers offer online unattended mixing only. If you wanna sit in on a session with Jens or David you’re welcome to do so. Lodging is available. Expect to be dragged on to Jens’ boat for a fishing adventure though. 🙂