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We will make your master as clear, loud, wide and proud as possible without destroying your mixes.


Mastered for iTunes

Beyond traditional mastering for CD and digital distribution, we are certified by Apple for Mastering For iTunes (MFiT). The master is auditioned through the Apple Music encoder and measures are taken to preserve the original sound. Masters that are made this way will get the “Mastered For iTunes” tag in Apple Music / iTunes.

Vinyl mastering

The vinyl market is growing (thank God!) and we’re happy to offer specific non-clipped and non-limited versions of our masters specifically for vinyl replication. Extra attention is taken to the stereo image and frequency response to meet the limitations of the vinyl format.

Stem Mastering

We offer stem mastering on request. This should be seen as a problem solver, and not a standard way of delivering mixes for mastering. Export the mix in stems or instrument groups: e.g. drums, bass, rhythm guitars, lead guitars, keys, vocals. The sum of all stems played back at unity gain (“0” on the fader) should sound as your mix (without any mix bus compression you may have). Always include the stereo mix for reference.

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Track mastering is for for non-albums or albums shorter than 33 minutes, e.g. singles, EP’s etc. Electronic wave file delivery.


  • Please make sure that the files delivered for mastering are free of any master limiters that should not be a part of your mix.
  • Please keep a little headroom in your mixes. Doesn’t have to bee much, but try to avoid clipping.
  • If you have any specific instructions or preferences prior to mastering, please let us know before we begin. It’s a good practice to upload a document along with the files including this info together with track list, final song titles for CD Text and ISRC codes (if you have any).
  • If you deliver instrument group mixdowns (stems), make sure you also deliver a stereo reference mix of your material. You should also verify that the sum of the stems delivered actually sounds like the reference mix.
  • Save us all some time by listening through the mixes before you deliver. It’s not uncommon to come back for a revision because of a missing guitar or an editing mistake during mixing. ????
  • We accept wav or aiff-files. Please deliver in the source sample rate, do not covert. The mixes should have a bit depth of 24 bit (or greater). If you deliver stems, please make sure the stems are bounced with the same starting point (zero start).
  • If you wish to attend a mastering session with us, you can usually use the studio accommodation at no extra charge. This is depending on availability, so let us know on that when booking the session.

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Mastering Technician

Jens Bogren,  Tony Lindgren